Dr Pepper – Barbershop (2015) 1:00 (USA)

Now here is a great Dr Pepper spot that gets across the dare to be different messaging without being too serious. Everyone has the same creepy haircut in this spot until one hero dares to discover a unique flavor of Dr Pepper and then boom. New haircut. Very creepy in a good way and well cast, too.

Client: Dr Pepper
Agency: Deutsch LA

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Beeglegurl's picture

I think this commercial is inappropriate considering just what happened in Charleston, SC.

kaligurl14's picture

dude how is this inappropriate? this happened way before the Charleston shooting.

Dabitch's picture

Deutsch LA are a pretty good ad agency, but I can assure you they are not psychic and can't foresee the future, so when they chose the bowl cut for this Latin market ad that aired in Feb, there was no what happened in Charleston, SC. to worry about.

VerbKlr's picture

I could not agree more. It's sad for the good company and I'm sorry for the main actors who may be associated with the commercial for the long run. That being said, I noticed the commercial on Telemundo for the first time this morning and thought- REALLY?! The company that made it needs to grab the main actors and some CGI people and alter that commercial fast! If they want to keep the theme of that commercial without hurting the sensibilities of people.

RUSirius's picture


> Confederate flag is taken down-

*crowds chanting GET RID OF BOWL CUTS*

kidsleepy's picture

This spot was most likely filmed seven months ago. There's no conspiracy on Dr Pepper's part to lose its audience.

Redrums's picture

This has got to be trolling. I honestly can't tell anymore with the hysteria online.

Nate's picture

I love the trend we are seeing lately of really well-made commercials. Even Mcdonalds has their commercial mimicing a 1984-esque world. In any case, I love the direction we are heading, instead of generic, loud, and in your face spam that has been the norm for the past 30 years.

gloria linde's picture

just take it off the air. It is bad for Dr. pepper image

kidsleepy's picture

Hey you seen it recently? Because the ad came out like five or six months ago. And unless it's *really* popular, ads generally run for three months or so on TV. If it's on Youtube that's a different story. But I never saw it live and I certainly never saw it as a pre-roll. So you know...

goodoc's picture

They couldn't have known the event would happen. But I am still uncomfortable with the ad because it did happen.