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High school senior takes photos at Taco Bell, internet explodes

Brittany Creech, a 17 year old high school senior in St. Louis became a viral sensation when she has her senior photos taken at Taco Bell.

Of course Taco Bell got in on the action and retweeted it.

And someone else jumped on the 5 seconds of fame bandwagon.

At press time, there has been no outrage from people who don't want you to eat what you want. And there hasn't been any parody of this a la also shot on an iphone 6 Even Gregg Turkington, aka Neil Hamburger, the guy who has spent years retweeting "taco bell made me sick," has been strangely silent.

What's wrong with the internet? Is Brittany Creech just too authentic for us to deal it? While Taco Bell social and agency of record Deutsch may have found her by combing social media, Creech is in fact a real person (which was the first thing I checked.) A quick search discovered an interview from 2013, when even then she was a huge hit, on the Twitters. So, good for her.

Now Taco Bell should be cool and give her a scholarship for all that earned media.

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kidsleepy's picture

Back in high school right before prom started a bunch of us showed up at Taco Bell all dressed up to get tacos. I guess it's a senior thing.

Dabitch's picture

If her life goal is to star in a Taco Bell commercial, we now know that the client has actually seen her headshots.

claymore's picture

Shame she didn't have a pet chihuahua.

...And is too young to know what that means.

Dabitch's picture

WE Know what it means, it means yo quiero taco bell - (1997) , dammit Clay you make me feel old.