PSA Finnish Police Oulu - Say No! Ei! - (2016) :30 (Finland)

Good afternoon and welcome to todays class in Finnish.

"Ei!" is no, but is also like "Oi!", an exclamation to say "stop it", get attention and/or warn people off. The reasons finns don't say "Oi!" is probably because "OY" in Finnish means "incorporated". Well, that and the fact that finns don't speak English they speak Finnish. Ei käy! is "no way!" and Ei ikinä! is "Never!". This surreal little clip from the Oulu Police Force aired on YLE, shows how to prevent a rape or attack when you have no weapons. Just use the force that all Finnish women are equipped with, a.k.a the word NO! If "Ei!" and a shove doesn't help, you may also smack your attacker over the head with your purse. P.S. always carry bricks in your purse.

Yes, I find the entire clip laughable, but we have similar things on tax funded Swedish public broadcasting, including ad campaigns that mock the idea of ad campaigns, so I'm used to it.


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How many languages do you speak?

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According to a Finnish police survey, only one in four rapes in Finland are reported, putting the yearly estimate at 4,000. Finland's leading newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, called the country "one of the least safe countries in Europe for women." The idea that a rape can be prevented simply by pushing is not only laughable and naive, but a tremendous waste of Finnish taxpayer money. This is the best idea the government can come up with to protect its people? If I were a Finnish woman, let alone one who was a rape victim, I would be angered by this ad.

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This "just say no" and "shove him" advice seems to assume that Finnish women do not verbally express their "No". It also assumes that any woman can ward off a larger male attacker, whilst unarmed, just by waving their hands in the air. "Angers" is an understatement. This is a horrible piece of communication.