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B-classic " Classical Comeback" (2014) 2:53 (Belgium)

Classical music is making a comeback.
B-Classic is a classical music festival. To connect with a younger audience, DDB Brussels created the first music video for a classic composer. Dvořák.
MTV even showed the video. The video was shot in South Korea and the pop dancers and conventions seem like a nod (or a middle finger?) to pop sensation Psy.

You can check out more at Classical Comeback.

As for whether this is the world's first music video for a classical composer, I suspect Michelle L'amour's Twerking and Piano playing to Beethoven's 5th might technically nudge it out of first place.

Updated note may 20: This video has been replaced for one with a different soundbed that what was originally uploaded here.

Dvořák - Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco (Official Music Video)
Advertiser B-Classic
Contact person Kris Jannis - Bob Permentier
Campaign The Classical Comeback Video
Agency DDB Brussels
Creative director Peter Ampe
Creative team Tim Arts, Stefan Van Den Boogaard
Design Christophe Liekens
Account team Francis Lippens - Kaat De Brandt
Strategic teamDominique Poncin - Maarten Van Daele – Michae D’hooge
Digital strategy Geert Desager
Digital project manager Stefanie Warreyn
TV producer Brigitte Verduyckt
Production Agency Caviar
Producer Geert De Wachter
Director Raf Reyntjens
Music/Sound Sonicville
Media online, TV
Dancers: Ari, Miu, Rumi, Jin, Yess from Waveya

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Dabitch's picture

Can't wait for Jezebel to get a hold of this! Heh.

It's a snarktastic visual slap at the MTV generation who'll only watch if pretty girls are dancing.

fairuse's picture

Hence my rhetorical question, "What if Ron Harris cast & directed this?".

IamaMoronOnEvenNumberedTuesdays :-)

Dabitch's picture