SSVP "Bionically Engineered Nursing" (2016) 5:17 (France)

Let's talk about how amazing this film is. Simply stunning. You are immediately captivated by the story of this woman and her assisted-living robot nurse-- a Bionically Engineered Nurse, or B.E.N. This poor woman lives a lonely quiet life. And the robot, well-meaning though he is, simply doesn't understand her needs, ignorant of her nuances, oblivious to her needs. Only able to suggest food, tv and dancing by rote. And that's when at the very end, the message from Saint-Vincent-De-Paul quietly appears: Today, companion robots are being introduced to assist lonely people. At Society of Saint-Vincent-De-Paul, we think that only human being (sic) can help in fighting loneliness.

Stunning choice of music--Canadian folksinger Bonnie Dobson's haunting "Morning Dew," from 1969.

I normally criticize long-form as desperately needing scissors, but there is not one wasted frame in this one. Great freaking job.

Michel Lanternier - Chairman,
Society of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Emmanuelle Duthu - Director of Communications and Resource Development
Capucine Bataille - Communications Manager

Jean-Charles Mayer - Digital Communications Manager
Agency - CLM BBDO
Matthieu Elkaim - Creative Director, BBDO Paris
Charles Dessaux - Art Director

Emile Martin - Copywriter

Julien Sanson - Production Director, BBDO Paris
Martine Ferey - Post Producer, BBDO Paris
Julien Lemoine - Vice President
Julien Pinet - Account Manager

Corentin Monot - Strategic Planning Director
Ophélie Doria - Strategic Planner

Lauren Weber - Communications Director
Production lm - LA PAC
David Wilson - Director

Jérôme Denis - Executive Producer

Anna Roudaut - Executive Producer
Antoine Ricard - 1st Assistant Director
Victor Seguin - Director of Photography
Roxane Huet Ferret & Emily Aubry - Editing
Post-Production - MIKROS
Fabrice Damolini - Post producer

Laurent Creusot & Jao M’changama –
Flame Sébastien Mingam & Magalie Léonard - Grading
Sound Production - THE
Raphaël Fruchard - Sound Producer

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Powerful. Excellent job starting at the end, and ending with it as well, it reminds us how monotone a robot daily routine would be and shows how differently we see that dance once we've seen her days.

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I think the is the most positive review Kidsleepy has ever given to an ad, which makes sense because this is absolutely fucking brilliant.

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Found it confusing. And shouldn't it say 'human beings' at the end?

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It's called Frenglish.