HeluvaGood Cheese "Garage Sale" (2016) 1:09 (USA)

Heluva Good Cheese gets is backyard auction on lookin' for a hidden deal on lunch. Or something. I dunno. It starts with an opening, then has a title, then ends with something about flavor. It's like there's a sandwich of spots here with three different layers, all of them kind of conceptually off. Also this could basically be for any cheese brand. Maybe it needs to ripen? *ducks*

Agency: New Honor Society
VP, Group Creative Director: Terry Stewart
Creative Director: Tom Nations
Agency Producer: Derek Burr
Executive Producer: Larry Israel
Producer: Beth Martychenko
Senior Copywriter: Zack Swyers

Production Company: Twist
Executive Producer: Alissa Liebert, Jim Geib – President/EP, Amyliz Pera/EP
Director: Matt Pittroff
Line Producer: Steve Blair

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What is it about auctioneers and their un-ability to not eat what they're auctioneering out ?