KFC "Announcement" (2017) 1:30 (USA)

Another day, another self-referential ad. And another Colonel Sanders, and this time it's Rob Lowe! And he has a plan to send a spicy chicken sandwich (i.e. the Zinger) into space. Why? Because it's hard. Will it work?
Hopefully because their entire marketing campaign depends on it. And it actually does. Because they have a real plan to launch the Zinger into space sometime this summer. One hopes it's going to someone on the International Space Station as opposed to just literally into space because that would be a waste of food, even if it's fast food. The cinematography in this spot is the tastiest part, straight down to the string tie painted on Mission Control Colonel Sanders' astronaut's uniform.
I wish they would have just kept this to this spot that revels in its alternate reality. Becuase in reality the whole stunt aspect is basically a....wait for it...wait for it....nothingburger.

Client: KFC
Agency: Weiden and Kennedy

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Tis stoopid. I like it.

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Yes, it's stupid. If they're not sending the chicken into space it's just a silly retro-looking ad, mocking the space race which is fair enough as a concept. But if they're actually going to send a chicken burger into space? No. That's just dumb. This isn't a Red Bull moment, stop yanking our chains. Place that tongue firmly back into cheek and continue doing silly colonels.