Canadian Centre for Child Protection "Sextortion" (2017) 1:31 (Canada) has seen an increase of 89% in teen boys being reported as victims of sextortion from in 2015 and 2016 compared to the previous two-year period. Sextortion? What is that, you ask? Just like it sounds. Sextortion occurs when kids (teen boys most often) get conned into sending out naked selfies to online predators. Then the blackmail begins. Send more nudes or else. It's awful. And this campaign urges you do send something else instead.
Namely: send a naked mole rat. Which as the talking head in the spot basically says in the spot, looks like a photo of your junk anyway.
The irony factor is strong in this one, most likely in the hopes of making it shareable.
Clever indeed because behind that health class film trope is a serious message. This campaign also includes memes, gifs, and perhaps most importantly, a lesson plan for teachers to use in their classrooms. Which by the way, is an extremely underrated part of advertising.
Sure you can come up with something viral that people share for a day or two. But if you can help a government agency or NGO mould young minds in a way that isn't cheesy or forced, then you make a potentially longer lasting impression.
The gifs and memes and other info can be found on the Don't Get Sextorted microsite. Did I mention there are memes? Of naked mole rats? That look like your junk, kids?
I'm curious to know how many kids will download the memes. I wish they would have called it something other than "memes" on the website. Kids like to discover stuff on their own. I do applaud the effort but it would have been cool if they'd put them on imgur, too.

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