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Depressed Copywriter 2.0 now with added lazy - sorry, I mean "crowdsourcing digital content"

Depressed copywriter is back,only to tell us they're now lazy too, though we knew that already - as we pointed out that they "liberated a 35-year-old art movement" and posted it to tumblr, thus breaking that whole "ooh, digital creative" ground.
As so many half-baked tumblr sites before them, they surfed the wave of popularity for a bit, even hitting Metafilter and Buzzfeed for maximum "virality". (bludgeon me with a pint for saying that). The Depressed Copywriter showed up on Buzzfeed more than once too, but since Buzzfeed's MO is to make 1500 Buzzfeed Posts That Use Others' Content With A Minimal Amount Of Attribution Every Day, it's no surprise.
You should see what they do to youtube videos in the form of gifs of the exact same with added headlines. I know, it's great work if you can get it, amirite? So now the Depressed Copywriter knocked on Adland'tv's inbox on facebook, (because the contact page we have is too obscure, you see), and said;


Dear Adland.tv
It's time.
I can no longer be alone in this endeavor.
One person cannot shoulder such a task.
There is too much unrealistic happiness in this world.
It's at a level which is unobtainable.
And this drives us all into misery.

It's time we level with everyone.
This world we live in is just a story.
Written by people who think they can manipulate us.
And we just need to tell them one thing.
They aren't the only ones who can write.

It's time.
It's time we all put our pens to their paper.


With pleasure.

- Depressed Copywriter

instagram: depressedcopywriter
twitter: @depressedcw
ad rewrite submissions:

aaaw, they want us to join, how sweet, we can join their revolution... Hang one, this is the same exact press release that Agencyspy got just with the name changes. Chris Sheldon and the other two kids who started this left VCU Brandcenter last spring, while birthing a "viral" project that reveals their contempt of advertising more than their creativity.
Keep in mind, they're supposed to be writers. What kind of writer cuts and pastes the exact same press release? Especially when there are multiple writers at the helm?

“We all just graduated from VCU Brandcenter this past spring. And today we are handing over our tumblr to everyone now as per a suggestion by the nice people over at MTV."

My god, the namedropping. You had MTV suggest "user generated" to you? Nice. So, what, exactly did you learn at VCU?

Why, in my day one had to physically build ones own servers to host ones idea and I lived in a rolled up newspaper on the bottom of a lake from where I had to walk uphill to school both ways, you see. These days, it's getting way to easy to start a snowball rolling downhill on an idea even the creators can't be bothered to keep it going. And honestly, if you don't believe in the idea long enough to keep it going, why should we?

Footnote: image is of me upgrading one of the three servers that I built for adland, because lazy doesn't apply here, we build things from the back end to the front end, we don't ever pass them off to "the masses," and you kids get off my lawn already.

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Dear DaBitch,

Thank you for the recent post.
Although misunderstood, inaccurate and with typos.
I really do appreciate that you did not just take what we gave you.
You decided to take it apart and put it back together again with added bitterness.

Which is exactly what we are trying to do.

Much appreciated.


Depressed Copywriter

Dear Depressed Copywriter

Snarky and bitter are not the same, you should probably brush up on your wördskillz man, seeing as language is the tool of your trade. Just a friendly tip in all earnestness.

I'll also be happy to edit any inaccuracies that you can point out here in this post. Did I spell anyones name wrong? Did you graduate from VCU? Which part is the misunderstood one? Are you not asking people to send in submissions? Let me know. Smooches.

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I worry for the future of our biz.

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Ha! Maybe turn it around, your job is safe for a long while to come. But seriously, it has always been this way, I think.

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Christ that's embarrassing for these guys. Especially "the added bitterness is exactly what we're trying to do." Yeah, okay, sure you were.