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EYRI mattress partners with real divorce lawyer

Boy the kids today do not want to go into a brick and mortar shop at all. Not. At. All. If it can be delivered, it can be delivered. Razors. Contacts. Anything amazon carries. And for every company that comes along promising to cut out the middleman and save you on money and time, there are ten other companies who come along promising the same thing (and hoping to get bought out by a legacy company the way Unilever bought Dollar Shave Club.)
While I don't understand the issue with buying a mattress (unlike razors and contacts you buy a mattress once ever five years or ten if you stay put) now we're all excited about mattresses at our doorstep. Again though the competition is steep. Just a cursory search reveals Casper, Bed-in-a-Box, Purple, Leesa, and Loom & Leaf, all vying for our attention. Enter EYRI Iceland Mattresses. I can't speak for their quality but they've won the mattress war this month as far as advertising goes. They partnered with a real divorce attorney, New York's Robert G. Smith, to get the word out. There's even a gloriously designed website complete with a chatbot that's supposed to be your ex. (Nice touch but not really needed.)
This is a simple idea which is why it is effective. Getting divorced, you'll need a new mattress. They are running ads on Tinder for the newly single and offering up a promo for 50% off mattresses. Because hey, if you’re going to lose half, so will EYRI. Maybe they can help pay alimony, too. I find it very funny but then again I'm not getting divorced.
Clearly they know their audience. But it's also a sad commentary on how we view relationships as being disposable commodities. But hey! There are mail-order brides. No need to go out to find one. So you might as well get one delivered along with your mattress, razors and contacts.

Client: EYRI Mattress
Advertising Agency: LP/AD, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Alex Shifrin
Art Directors: Erin Rodness, Sergey Skrebnev
Copywriter: Rinita Barua
Photographer: Paul Eng
Strategic Planner: Sasha Zaprudska

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Ha! A Mail-order brides site should partner with the company next.