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Lowe Bull Southafrica does just fine without Matthew

Lowe Bull South Africa has been on an interesting journey in the past few months after the leader of the lowe-pack, Matthew Bull, departed their sunny shores for rainy old London. Clients, the tradepress, some of Lowe's staff and competitors had their eyes focused intensely on the progress without Matthew - how did Lowe Bull do? Very well thankyou - raking in the Eagle Awards, one gold for this brilliant pro bono campaign POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) 'Force', which used the glued-together pages of a men's magazine to illustrate that "if you have to use force, it's rape".


Adland gives Lowe Bull a Gold star for that brilliant piece of print.

From the Eagle Awards website:

Rob McLennan, Creative Director of the Johannesburg office, after the Eagles victory probably sums it up.... 'I'm incredibly proud of this agency. We have been under scrutiny from the rest of the advertising industry of late to see how we perform after Matthew's departure. I've always said that the work will dispel any doubts that anyone may have - and it has. I had so many people coming up to me to say how chuffed they were that we have continued to not only do well, but do better than we ever have before at the Eagles. Bear in mind that there were only four gold's awarded last night. And we got two. And it's our first ever Gold Eagle. Also, we had finalists for Arrive Alive and Animal Anti Cruelty Scratch. So, a nice spread of work.'

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That is a GREAT ad. Well done.

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yeah, everything is good about it. Using the media, getting straight to the point, great line. I love ads that give me that sting of jelousy. ;)

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I've had the glued-together pages idea, but not anything near this good. (was for a porn mag)

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then again.. was it good for you?
Perhaps the mag had a different opinion.

(couldn't help myself).

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Via Brainstorm9 in Brazil I learned that this campaign got some medals as well, in Cannes 2003 and a Clio award 2004. :)

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That was a good ad. Rerunning it should be considered!