The Becks a man can get

Becks biggest endorsment deal yet - £40million from a three-year contract with Gillette. You'd think that after contracts with Adidas, Pepsi, Police, Brylcreem, Vodafone and Marks & Spencer he'd soon be overexposed, each time I go to the movies here I catch Beckham in two different brand-ads, usually Police and Adidas. Beckham will make his debut in pan-european commercials next month, and his image will be used in the global launch of a new battery-operated razor.

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Becks may be overexposed but he still CAN SELL U almost everything. Why? Coz he's a super-icon. And at the end of the day, all it matters for big branded companies is the "ka-ching" at the register. So, for now, expect to drink, eat, sleep, drive, shave, run--with Beckham.

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I don't go to the movies so I don't have to have him in my lap :)

Dabitch's picture

The ads with Becks in it are airing here now. Basically, it's black and white cheese (like the Angel-ad shown during the superbowl) with a total of two and a half seconds of Beckham. That cost Gillette

deeped's picture

The spots airs in Swe too. Boring. Gillette should have put their money on invention instead, or getting the swedish players to shave. It must be pretty hot with a beard, playing in Portugal.

I looking forward to the ads on a new book: "Missing the goal - but failure is a way of learning". A book about believing in oneself with interviews with Beckham and Zlatan.

cosmonaut's picture

He is so overexposed. Its to much, but I guess he knows it and just want to the last "few" dollors in the bank...


Dabitch's picture

he's so overexposed he'll burn out soon. Signing with Gilette is a sign of jumping the shark.

AnonymousCoward's picture

How much of that will Posh Spice get when she inevitably lip-synchs for divorce?

caffeinegoddess's picture

it's getting out of hand...becks is getting to be like how michael jordan advertises for way too many products- batteries, hotdogs, shoes, apparel, etc...doesn't it not help the brand when the sports celeb or any celeb for that matter has spread themselves so thin that they are associated with more than 3 brands they back? Personally I'd direct a brand to avoid using a celeb like becks, or Jordan, for that reason.

Dabitch's picture

Mach3 Power review - cowboy X has tried the vibrating battery-operated razor.