To vote or not to vote

According to in most EU Member States, voters are expected to use their vote in the European elections on 10-13 June 2004 to give their verdict on the performance of national governments rather than having a say on European issues. The electoral campaign did not seem to provide a debate about the challenges and opportunities provided by EU membership.

The Netherlands will hold the presidency of the European Union from 1 July to 31 December 2004. A special website will be launched for the Dutch presidency on 1 July 2004. The logo for the Dutch EU Presidency in 2004 is designed by Studio Dumbar. The Dutch campaign for the elections is developed and designed by a collective. It's a satirical campaign advising not to vote.

BBC News show more weird and wonderful Euro vote tactics to convince Europeans to vote in the European elections. The Eurobarometer shows interests of European voters.

So, what are you going to do this week?

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Somewhere in my globetrotting I've managed to score voting-bills for two countries - and I will use both of them. I still have no idea who to vote for, and wish all these ads that nag me to vote could tell me where to find more information about who I may vote for rather than just how to vote, I know how to vote. Maybe next time they could collect all candidates on one website so one could browse all the potentials?
So I've watched the candidates in debates and talkshows, and noticed strange geurilla campaign tactics from some candidates - like this simple paper ad home made style with interest. Here in Denmark the loudest advertisers right now proudly proclaim their opposition to the EU - that's not really working for me, whats the point in voting for people are want to tear it down rather than build a better version? So many candidates, so few webpages where you might find information on where they stand on issues I find important. No wonder nobody is voting.I like the spoof geen stem-site, rather funny but will it work?

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I like the coffee-serving twist that Pro Patria (Isamaaliit) does in Estonia - good way to get people talking. The Dutch StemWijzer sounds pretty clever as well: By answering a series of questions about your political opinion on an EU president, a European ecotax or asylum policy, this website helps you establish which party you are closest to and shows your preference for the other parties in descending order.

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I haven't seen almost any ad for the EU 'shoot-out' unless the social democratic campaign at billboards. And it's so boring I almost fall asleep.

I will vote, of course since I was voting yes to be member in the Union and yes to change our Swedish 'krona' to Euro so I would be rather unlogical not voting and I will vote on the party I'm member of: but it won't be because of the marketing efforts... those are left-handmade .

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I will vote - but the decision on for whom will probably be left to a toincoss.

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*confused* How many sides do your coin hold? ;)

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he probably uses polyhedral dice!