Fucking for forests

Two Norwegian environment-activists have started a website aimed to save the rainforests. That might be no news if it wasn't for the site's content: porn.

At Fuck For Forest.com the members who pay for access will be able to upload their homegrown porn and see other members doing it. And the money they get in is put in a fund and will be donated to the WWF. In the Netherlands though, since WWF Norway didn't want the money.

To be able to donate money the siteowners is depending on paying members but also on selling ad-spots on the site. (Source: Bon Magazine)

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:) eheh I'm speechless .. they've even created a new market category: "environmental porn" . Good ()uck

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Yepp. And they thinking of recycling old porn :)

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In todays Swedish newspaper Expressen - there's an image of Swedish gal Leona Johansson, 21, and her Norweigan friend Tommy Hol Ellingsen, 28, who had sex on stage during "The Cumshots" concert at the Quart festival in Norway - to save the rainforest. 4000 people in the audience were according to the newspaper "shocked", or at least "very surprised". Dagbladet in Norway reports that the act is already under police investigation, since the couple clearly broke the law paragraf 201 "sedelighetsparagrafen" (paragraph about sexual violation/decency). The couple are being interrogated right now.
This is the pair that are behind the site Fucking for forests according to the norweigan newspaper, here's a picture series of the stunt, and they had planned this for at least two months.

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The site is under heavy load now...

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good pun. ;)

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unintended really... :D

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