OMFG! - a little abbreviation deviation

Maybe I've been exposed to too much e-speak, IM/texting lingo, and net/chat/BB abbreviations and acronyms, but when I received my first "free to professionals" issue of the Official Meeting Facilities Guide with my morning tower of biz junk mail, I ... well, let's just say that my reaction was probably the polar opposite of what they were hoping for.

Read more to see if you see what I see...

And just to make it one better, look who is on the pub's spine, via a quicky scan - certainly a proud sponsor...

NOTE: After checking out the website and prices for their featured cover Williamsburg "facility"... well, OMFG indeed. My agency appears to belong to a much lower caste than their target demo, dang it.

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Boy. Some people are ornery about this!

Ok, let's try this - all acronyms are abbreviations, but not all abbreviations are acronyms.

English majors... fight!

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*looking suspicious on one of the examples* *lol*

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I think that's why they call all the major handbooks abbreviations and acronyms out there..... ;)

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AFAIK and IME,IIRC you are right Claymore. FWIW my English teacher taught me that, HTH.

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Oooh let's all draw Venn diagrams! Who knew I'd find a use for them years after school. ;)

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ROTFLMAO! WTF!? LOL! Someone should've RTFM.

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DUCT!? * EG*
OOI is OMFG in PD?

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I hope I'm on the list to receive its sister publication - Florida's Ultimate Business Arrangement Resources.

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I thought it was called the Florida's Ultimate Capitalist Klatch?

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Or perhaps Sales Hypertasking Integration Technologies?

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Singing... "M-I-C.... K-E-Y... F-U-B-A-R!"

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Hehe, very nice. *surely* a few people from the originating publishers were having a quiet giggle about that too. I'm no expert with the acronyms, but I do like OMFG because it's almost onomatopoeic, like choking on your drink or snack in exclaimation.
Someone really should start a magazine called OMFG.

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After seeing that other sites have now picked up on our fun little find, and have called OMFG an acronym, here's a quick little lesson in modern English for y'all.

OMFG isn't an acronym. Rather, it's an abbreviation.

Examples of acronyms are SCUBA and MILF, which can be pronounced as words and are made up of the first letters or parts of other words (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus and Mothers I'd Like to F*ck).

Abbreviations are also made up of the first letters or parts of other words, like Federal Bureau of Investigation, Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off, and Anything But Microsoft, but aren't pronounced as words, but rather, just letters of the alphabet (F-B-I, R-O-T-F-L-M-A-O, and A-B-M).

There are also some anomalies that go either way, such as ASAP.

And since I've already received mail from those out of the loop as to what the heck OMFG stands for in its more common, non-publication-title-type usage, here ya go... Oh My F*cking God.

Hope that helps.

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True story: Donald Trump wanted to name one of his buildings Trump International Tower, but a friend told him the property's abbreviation would be T.I.T. So he changed it to Trump International Tower and Hotel.

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Pity that they are so damn PC :)

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"I wait for you by the TIT". Where I live we have a shoppingmall that are built as a half globe and on the top there is a peculiar sighting tower (or something like that)

In folklore around it's called "Dalatutten" or "Tunatutten" (The "Dalaboob" or The "Tunaboob") :).

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