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Christina Aguilera is naughty in Skechers ad campaign

In August the new poster campaign for Skechers breaks, starring Xtina doing her best pin-up posing. Double the punch she plays both naughty and nice in each ad, dressing up as both a cop, a nurse and a naughty schoolgirl. Hey, isn't that Britney territory?

The "Naughty and Nice" Christina Aguilera Skechers campaign
will appear in international magazines and in stores as point-of-purchase displays through the end of 2004. Want a sneak-peak at the ads? Read more.

From the pressrelease:

The dual images allow SKECHERS to feature twice as many styles, giving international consumers a truer representation of SKECHERS' women's offering.

Does that mean that Skechers offers leather knee-high boots? Kinky. Perhaps they also do high-heeled sneakers? ;)

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AnonymousCoward's picture

Who knew hair color came in 'rope'?!

caffeinegoddess's picture

I love that her name on the ads is nearly as large as the Skechers logo. Is it just me or do these ads look really airbrushed? Maybe that's a design-y thing.

Dabitch's picture

Airbrushy, totally oversaturated and out of proportion - notice that the Nurse Xtina is smaller than the patient Xtina, although they are next to each other. Nurse-hobbit-Xtina?

CopyWhore's picture

You gotta love that needle she's wielding!

Robblink's picture

Nothing like a pretty girl to make ugly shoes less ugly.

Dabitch's picture

and fake-tan comes in that "flat dark mutant tan color" old nylons have.. Hmm.

deeped's picture

I hope she got plenty of dough for this, give her the salary for the agency too since they've done a lousy job.

junyr's picture

I'm sorry. I just don't think it even looks like her. Period. A bad body double mabye, but thats all.

deeped's picture

Well. It's Xtina but they have truly given her a boob-job...

kamari's picture

Do young girls really want to be a skank like Xtina?