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Smoke Free City - Two sides (0:30) (2004) (US)

There are two sides to every story...unless you're a smoker.

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Guilt trip coming up in 5.... 4.... 3..... (I should stop. I knoooow.)

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I gather that's pretty direct for the States, considering that several of the main tobacco corps live there.
Check out: This - the front page for the quit campaign here (in australia) -- and a collection of their TV commercials for d/load.

The anti-cancer council is a real lobby-heavyweight here. The trend toward highly graphic ads started way back when a certain Mr. G.Reaper told us that getting AIDS is a lot like going bowling ... or something like that - I was just a kid then.

The Transport Accident Commission (road safety) don't mind a bit of blood n' guts in their ads either. Sadly they're not up for viewing, but are in point form, here.