Charlie the Tuna wants your vote!

The advertising week NYC is coming up soon, and Charlie the tuna is out campaigning for Your vote. He's begging, really.

In mass-email that seems to spread around Del Monte foods mainly, Charlie begs for votes so that he can be the favorite brand icon ever, and have his likeness on posters and on the streets of Manhattan. Read more to see the mail.

Vote for Charlie the Tuna as one of America¹s Favorite Brand Icons!

Charlie® the tuna, spokesfish for StarKist® tuna, needs your vote to become one of America¹s Favorite Brand Icons! The contest is part of the first annual Advertising Week in New York City, a week long event
full of activities that celebrate creativity and highlight the contributions of advertising to our economy and popular culture.

We need your help! Please let your family, friends, business associates and vendors know that our lovable Charlie needs their support by forwarding this e-mail!

How to Vote for Charlie:

Visit yahoo promotions to see the complete list of nominated icons and slogans and to place your vote for Charlie! You may vote as many times as you wish and there are no geographic restrictions on voting.

You can also vote for just about anyone else... Hehe. Me? I choose the Energizer bunny. What do I know. Who's your fav?

The frequent -® sprinkling is cute innit?

hat tip to Tlevitz

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It was a toss up between Kool-Aid Man (or Kool-Aid Pitcher as the site called him) or Smokey Bear. Went with Smokey, b/c he's the only one that really had a true message. Yeah, I know McGruff the Crime Dog was listed, but "help take a bite out of crime" never had the impression that "Only YOU can stop forest fires" had over small children everywhere.

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Came across this press release for the Michelin Man.

Born in 1898, the Michelin Man (named Bibendum in other parts of the world) is renowned as the face of Michelin throughout the world. The popular tire icon has now been nominated in the 2004 Favorite Icon Poll for Advertising Week in New York City.

Bibendum will do battle with 25 other brand icons including the Energizer Bunny, Tony the Tiger, Ronald McDonald and the AFLAC duck.

The Michelin Man has strong credentials for the Favorite Icon award, having already been voted as the "Best Logo of the Century" in 2000 by a panel of advertising experts in a competition organized by the Financial Times.

And this one for Mr. Clean.
"America's favorite icon should embody the values that are important to the American people -- loyalty, dependability, and trust," stated Mr. Clean yesterday from his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. "Since the day I was created, I have become ingrained in the everyday lives of Americans. I have helped them conquer all sorts of cleaning challenges over the last 47 years. And, if voted as America's favorite icon, I will continue to bring strength and unmatched cleaning ability to America's homes inside and out.
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Everything is so random there must be a pattern.

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