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Mint Condition Copywriter for sale on Ebay

They've sold Gold Lions, SuperBowl ads and even Alex the art director.

Now is the time for a mint condition copywriter to be auctioned off, she even comes with accessories! The alfapet board game (this is an untranslatable Swedish copywriter joke) a citybike and a cool guitar! Ingenious strategic mind included, and an Art Director sidekick can be arranged.

The Ebay auction shares a translated quote from one of her tutors:

"Anna made a mark at the school and is as one of the students it would be hard to forget! Her development was both rapid and insightful and she emerged after two years of dedicated study as one of the top students of the year."

We're not sure what it means either, but think that "and is as one of the students it would be hard to forget" is meant to illustrate that her English translation-skills are poor. No problem, she makes up for that in willpower, which she uses instead of batteries. All hail ANNA® The mint condition copywriter from Stockholm.

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caffeinegoddess's picture

I wonder if she will she have to receive her first pay check through pay pal? ;)

LeslieBAP's picture

If she really knew how to sell, she'd have added something about her bodatious ta-tas being included...I dunno, maybe "Deluxe Rack: Standard" or similar? That'll get some attention!

kamari's picture

Does she come with a gripping hand like G-I-Joe?

Alec's picture

Damn, Leslie. If I didn't know you, I'd think you were a guy.

Totally bodacious. Probably a 36CW.

woohoonikki's picture

i like the copy power splash. because she has...uhh...copy power?

Andreas-Udd's picture

I really like the packaging, the accessories and the gusto, but for a copywriter her writing skills aren't really advertised here. Granted, English is her second or third language.... Still.

troymcclure's picture

Her, uh, talents are most impressive. But she's no Dabitch.

Dabitch's picture

Seems to be going well, her highest bid is now 1.500 pounds for 1 month of copywriting. That's an ok wage (for a fresh-out-of-school-newbie).

Robblink's picture

I love her retro-modern tie. Very 1980/2004.