Newspaper Marketing agency ad steps out of line, gets banned.

The Newspaper Marketing Agency ad nicknamed "killer heels", created by TBWA London, which shows a man spiked on a stiletto has been banned by the ever-vigilant watchdog ASA.

The ad received 81 complaints that it was offensively sexist and overly violent.

The ASA said about the ad "featuring an oversized stiletto-heeled shoe skewering a businessman in a pool of blood was offensive because it trivialised and stylised violence."

Despite the visual pun being 'cartoon-like' to avoid offense, people objected to the ad.

"The advertisers claimed that, because the image was removed from reality and in a fashion context, it would not be seen to condone or encourage violence or homicide," the ASA said...


And probably added under their breath "boy we're they wrong..." 

"Killer heels"
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claymore's picture

Mebbe it's because it's not quite lunchtime yet and I'm hungry, but that blood splatter kinda looks like a plucked goose trying to take flight. Honk.

Andreas-Udd's picture

It's getting to be dinner-time here Claymore.. and I thought it looked like Ketchup..... Mmm Ketchup, my favorite vegetable. ;)

caffeinegoddess's picture

oooh. Been a while since I've seen such a say it, show it concept. ;)

Might be my monitor but that "blood" looks more like pink nail polish to me.

blabla's picture

caffeinegoddess needs a monitor calibration for xmas. ;)

I like it actually, and I suspect this will be a coveted ad in the crazy crowd of masochistic macrophiliacs (love of giantesses).

Dabitch's picture

macrophiliacs? what kind of seedy websites have you been travelling on lately? ;)

amoeba's picture

I bet you're right.

Also, I really like this ad as well. Eyecatching.

deeped's picture

Two stupidities never makes one right...
Stupid ad. Stupid watchdog. Say your sorry and go home.

deeped's picture

(and I know that it should be "say you're sorry" but I still haven't got my morning-shot of caffeine (w/o the goddess)).

AnonymousCoward's picture

I don't get it.

Dabitch's picture

The sender NMA just want to remind people that newspaper advertisments can in fact be eyecatching and page-flip-stopping for all sorts of products, even fashion.

Dabitch's picture

I just noticed that this old ad is making the blog rounds again. See for example: advertising is good for you.

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