Starbucks scary Santa - watch out for the man clad in red.

Starbucks is trying to not get into the jolly spirit too much, they have created a film complete with a miracle, and an evil santa at The red

[via BrandAutopsy]

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BostonChannel says

A coffee retailer's advertising campaign on Boston taxis is making some people do a double take when they see the cabs whizzing around the city with a cup of coffee perched precariously on the roof.

The ad campaign, a creation of Clear Channel Taxi Media, is a Starbucks Corp. cup magnetically attached to the roofs of about 100 city cabs. It is the first advertisement of its kind in the nation.

"It's pretty ingenious," said Larry Meister, vice president of the Independent Taxi Owners Association. "People will pull up to cabs driving 55 miles per hour and start beeping and pointing to the roof."

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hmmm - if WK portland and starbucks think this is going to work as part of a viral campaign they are nuts... just shows that they understand traditional media production, but don't really get the web... they should take a lesson or two from their cohorts in the UK...

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Exactly... Am I supposed to care if this story continues? The evil santa coffee theif just wasn't that funny.

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The agency was actually Creature, Seattle. Directed by Eric King of Headquarters. Peece.

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so i heard -
does anyone know if they are still doing the integrated ascpects in NYC (snowmen and redcups in taxis etc)???
that could potentially redeem the viral aspects, although i'm not sure how successfully...

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Does one get free Startbucks for life if one finds the "right" red cup or something?

startbucks, hehe a slip of the key but that suits'em.

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To answer the question at the end- no, I wasn't expecting doves, just something good.

I suppose it wouldn't be too bad as a TV spot, but as a "viral" it's lame. *yawn*

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Does it do different lines at the end? When I first viewed it, it read something like "watch out fr evil santa". Now it read "The almost miracle on 135th street". That sits it even worse since San Fran actually names it's streets.

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sorry, suits it - I really should use the preview button before I post.