Overstating buzz for cheesy "terrorist" ad KLIF 570AM jumpstarts a viral

Tom Biro at The Media Drop has spotted an ad from the Dallas/Fort Worth radio station KLIF 570AM, which was 'banned' or rather not broadcast due to it's content according to the Dallas Morning News. (Reg. Req.) Comcast asked KLIF 570AM to remove a small section of the ad, and the radio-station marketing geniuses who've just read some buzzbook or another decided to blow it all out of proportion in hopes of getting a big viral on their hands (not to mention the free PR).

The over-the top crap SPX ad can be downloaded here (windows media only) . The premise, shiny happy people play when washing their big cars, cuddle the baby, blow bubbles and then the horrid special effects come and blow everything up, while images of Osama are superimposed on top. Payoff "we need to talk" and the KLIF 570AM super over a waving American flag. Yeah, uh.. right. No Black Pencils for you! In fact the ad is so terrible it won't be a viral either, unless people send it around ironically. How desperate is this?

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This ad rocks! For the amount of money they probably spent on creating this ad, they were able to generate more buzz and more impact than a high priced ad that won't stand out from the crowd. It's all about return on investment and this ad delivers.

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Goodness! Sounds like somebody works in the sales department of KLIF 570AM.

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Hahaha.. You are kidding right?

the ad is sucky. the "buzz" does not exist. end of story.

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I'm serious. When you're coming up with these ads, you're generally at the mercy of a budget. If they wanted to maximize impact with a low budget, this ad packs a punch. If they had an unlimited amount of money to spend on it, then it's pretty weak. If I'm guessing correctly at how much this cost, they did a good job.