This year's banned super bowl commercials.

2005 might become known as the year of the banned superbowl commercials. Why we're they banned? Either FOX just doesn't have a sense of humor or, most likely, they're terrified to get fined for indecency..... These ads are quite tame.

AirBorne - Mickey rooney.

Was this really banned or are the cheapskates making that up? From the looks of this ad they couldn't afford the media-buy on the superbowl.

GoDaddy - Strap / Censorship hearings

The Ad Store made this ad to order for Godaddy, complete with the beautiful babe they requested be in it. Fox didn't like he sauciness and the ad will not air during the bowl.

Bud Light - Wardrobe Malfunction

After last years nipplegate we can't even have jokes that reference the nipplegate. It's not that funny though, Bud pulled the ad before anyone else would.

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For all her fans, Candice Michelle is Miss GoDaddy (warning, some nudity)

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GoDaddy was aired, it wasn't banned, should have been though.

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Even Bob Parsons, GoDaddys president CEO states that the ad above was rejected by Fox.
See his blogposting: GoDaddy buys superbowl ad that FOX rejected. Sure, a godaddy ad eventually did air duringthe bowl, but it was not the ad (edit) that is linked above.

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Joey, the GoDaddy advert which was aired during the superbowl is under that link, and is not the same ad as the one in the article above.

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