Naomi Cambell acts up in ad for Tesco

In a TV advert that premiered Monday night Naomi Cambell parodies her own angry reputation for Tesco's brand Cherokee clothing. In the ad Naomi is seen arriving at a hotel and madly beating down those starbursts that reveal how inexpensive her outfit really his, until she throws a real hissyfit and wrestles a starburst to the floor. The ad ends with her being led away by the local police and the strapline "Design by Cherokee. Price by Tesco".

The next ad, a 10-second "tail-ad" that follows the first in a block of commercials, shows Naomi loosing it at an anger management meeting when more starbursts appear to ruin her day.

The agency behind this and last years commercial is Lowe London. The ad was written by Tom Hudson and art directed by Lee Goulding. It was directed by Bryan Buckly, co-founder of Hungryman.

Last years Tesco ad "beach"

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Yes, caught this one. I put it in the same category as Sharon Osbourne at ASDA, ie way beyond 'you gotta be kidding me'. Okay, one thing to mix Primark 'n' Prada (though I v. much doubt if Naomi ever gets within smelling distance of Primark) but the idea is for the latter to 'elevate' the appearance status of the former. I don't think it works the same with celebrities: a. It's too obvious (which last night's ad tries to play with but doesn't pull off,) and b. therefore just makes you think 'Hmm, Naomi's career must be heading for the crapper'. Self parody of this sort may be ok in a music video, but this ad doesn't even work ironically. Generally insulting to just about any audience segment I can imagine.

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Not even ironically? Now I really wanna see this crap ad.