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Good and Bad ads that caught my eye

During my lastest run through magazines and ripping out ads for my tear file, I came across these. They made me stop and look at them. Some because they are good and others because they are just terrible (yes, I keep a tear file of awful ads as a reminder of what not to do).

Wanna see? Read on.

Bud Light Print Campaign
The coaster on this is perfed on thicker paper and pops out. I like the interactivity of the ads.

Another nice ad in their "Campaign for Real Beauty" campaign.

This ad runs as a spread. It's a bit arresting to see two full pages of skin. Granted it makes it stand out and made me stop to look at it. It's also an interesting angle for selling a sleep aide/pain killer.

Headline: Sleep. For a natural glow that won't smudge or smear during the day.
Copy: Lack of sleep may make skin look unhealthy. Worse, it may lead to skin that's dry, rough and acne prone. If you have pain and trouble sleeping, try Tylenol PM. It's non-habit forming and won't leave you groggy. So you and your skin can get a restorative night's sleep.

I wish they had done a better headline, but the idea gets across, which works for the product.

Diet Pepsi
I find this ad slightly unusual as it was found in a women's magazine. The last line seems a bit more male focused, since it's the fella who's holding the leashes.

Copy: Calories: 0
Carbs: 0
Sugar: 0
Optimal numbers of puppies to attract the opposite sex: 3

Land Rover
More interactive type print ad. There seems to be a trend towards these of late.

Lyme Disease Foundation
A nice ad for a non-profit with very little budget (most likely).

New York Laundry
This stopped me because of the terrible art direction. It looks like something a copywriter would layout. ;)

What do you think? Would any of these ads stop you?


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Dabitch's picture

I dug the Bud Light stuff. The "Yes I'm ignoring you" coaster could come in handy! ;)

troymcclure's picture

The Bud Light stuff's nice, but the coaster idea seems awfully similar to Molson's twin label campaign.

Anyone know who the cute model in the Dove ad is? (Am I pathetic or what?)

blad's picture

the colours, the layout, it stopped me as well.... maybe they were going for that retro 80's look. Its a shocker

Dabitch's picture

The new york laundry one is just horrid. Not even in a retro-ironic-horrid way just horrid in a the art director was hungover and puked that shit up way.

And I don't like the Dove ad - though I might have her number Troy.. ;) - because of the line. Yeah what if every woman learned to love every inch of her skin? Huh? Huh >what if? Then what? I dunno, don't ask me these things. Hehe. Something just isn't right with that headline.

You're right about the Bud Molsen thing .. They have that ad deja vu thing going. Don't all beer ads though?

The Pepsi ad is the one that has succeded in being most retro. That thing could have been produced in 1977, 1987, 1997 or today. And no, I don't mean the idea is "timeless".

anothercopywriter's picture

Alternate headline for the Kleenex ad, off the top of my head: Thank Goodness it's Over.

caffeinegoddess's picture

Not bad. How about one that doesn't include "thank goodness"? I get the repeatition but, I think it'd be stronger without it. At least in this format. I like it better when it's said aloud, like in a radio spot or on a TV advert. Although at least it's not a "one more reason to thank goodness...." ;-)

anothercopywriter's picture

If it were a CP+B ad, the headline would probably be "Pimp." ;-)

troymcclure's picture

How about "Thank goodness Aunt Edna only visits once a year." OK, so that sucks, too.

purplesimon's picture

Looks like something a copywriter would layout!

Wow, to think you rate my layout skills so highly :)

alex's picture

*psst* she's just jealous. At least most writers *can* do layouts, however crude. Whereas art directors and writing... *shudder* ;)

Dabitch's picture

(caff is a copywriter btw)

alex's picture

of course, I knew that


purplesimon's picture

How about, "Thank Goodness for aunts, ugly kids need kisses too."

Okay, just as lame!

And one without thank goodness?

"I said, kiss my ass!"

No? Oh well...