Small ads from the UK

A new funny link has been added to the ad links as I was grooming the collection today (Big thanks to all of you who have reported duds, muchos gracias.) It's a collection of UK small space ads or classifieds if you prefer. Yes it's a photoshop job, but they are dang funny some of them - though I seem to recall that these images were served on some other type of site a while back. Might even have been a flash site perhaps. Does anyone else recognise these gags?

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Looks like The Framley Examiner, a British local newspaper. Seems they're also looking for a web designer.

Check their archives for more

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Hmm... I found a lot of them here ( But that is probaly not the original either

However, I also stumbled across a few other ones that seem more like real classifieds.

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Hey Blondino I haven't seen you for ages. :)

I dunno what classifieds to believe anymore. I do want to put some really weird ones in my local paper just to see if anyone notices now tho.. ;)

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Hi, these two ads you feature here were joke ads placed by British comedian Jimmy Carr. This I know because I watched his DVD last night and he has a whole section where he reads out spoof classifieds - actually it's the best part of his act. Some of the others were truly hilarious, so good I've completely forgotten them, as I do all the best jokes.

Anyway, if you like these, check out his dvd.


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This Jimmy Carr? Ah, I'll have to pick that up, always like to get acquainted with new (to me) comedians. Ta!