Logo Twins, Quarks new look is Scottish Arts Council's old look.

Uh-oh! Quark express has decided to get a new look - the only problem is that someone else is already wearing it, the Scottish Arts Council. They're total twins! I guess we know which designer made use of all that tracing paper that was on sale... ;)

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claymore's picture

I don't see any similarities. One is clearly blue and the other one is green.

Dabitch's picture

Good thing one wasn't red and the other green - or else colorblind people would be seeing the exact same grey Q!.. Hehehe. ;)But the best comment was said by hal9k at Metafilter:

Excuse me:

The Scottish Arts logo is blue
Quark is green (Unknown Pantone. Reload) Spinning beach ball

The Scottish Arts Council uses a condensed face.
Quark uses a bold face only (Font not installed) Force Quit

The Scottish Arts Council neglects to add a "TM"
Quark adds the appropriate TM symbol pending

James Trickery's picture

The funniest part of the press release at Quark is the headline:
Show everyone why I’m different
. Riiiight.Did they hire Logoworks to design the new logo?

James Trickery's picture

...hang on. Isn't the Quark logo supposed a Q, while the Scottish Arts Council logo is an A?

Dabitch's picture

Yaknow, that could be the only thing that speaks for this being a complete freak accident. Honestly. But boy is it freaky.

Pilo's picture

It seems to be yet another one out there =:-o

Dabitch's picture

Oh my! Well, this another A... Wonder if this is from a font?

brandonbarr's picture

It is.

It's the lowercase "a" from Peter Bruhn's Girl typeface.

See here for reference:Veer comments September 10

Dabitch's picture

Ahaa!well that solves that mystery.

How lazy is it when a designer uses a single letter from a font as a "logo"? .... perhaps the Quark guy was dyslexic....

caffeinegoddess's picture

Or didn't realize he was hitting the "a" key when he meant to hit the "q"...it is right above it after all. Only other thing is, it's possible too that if it's the same font, the Q and A look similar...there's a slight difference in that the hole in the Q is bigger than the one in the A which also could be way it is in the font.

Dabitch's picture

.. wow, you're right! That explains the hole size-change!
So incredibly lazy!

AnonymousCoward's picture

The Akedemiks clothing brand logo, is pretty close in overall form as well.

Dabitch's picture

This will never end it seems, I submit these two to the list, Alcone Marketing and Sterling brands:

Alcone seems to have 'borrowed' thei rline as well...