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"What if "for IKEA PS 2006... or a what the h...?

A new internet campaign for the IKEA PS 2006 collection launched today with clips on the web tracked by the viral chart. The movie called Roadrage was shot by Måns Nilsson and Valdemar Westesson in Malmö... Now, it might just be me, but what does the "what if.." idea have to do with anything? I'll see your "what if" and raise you a "wtf was that about?"

Those interested may de-construct the funny* film here.

what the...?

* subjective, humor is, as we all know.

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The Ikea PS tenth anniversary ad has shown up on Google Video without the Ikea ending and that bit of the skit has been posted to Metafilter (land of a million eyeballs). Must suck when your viral takes off without your tagline....

Andreas-Udd's picture

Wow, that was a really crap attempt at "humor".

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honking at old women is funny, but the ad is crap.

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It's the truly forced spontaneity that gets to me. Like they checked off a list in "viral advertising 101", cramming all the tips they could find in one ad.
#1. have skaterboys in it (I mean what the hell are they doing there except to establish some "oh this really did happen fer real" alibi? It still doesn't work - one can tell it's a setup.)
#2. Make it funny. Even though humor is subjective we have found these items funny. Old ladies, pissing dogs, sex, people getting hurt, skateboards, penguins, bad drivers.
#3. seed with known viral seeder
#4. ?

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I fucking love it. Totally simplistic perfect.

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... Do you love it as a skit - or do you really think that this sells Ikea PS tenth anniversary (because I'm so not seeing the connection here, help me out, please).

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I love it since it sells nothing more than the idea of IKEA PS. The skaters is so damn bad and it all pull back to all the amateurvideos that Fark and Fazed use to show up. It's fun and the lady is cool, and the pink-shirt is a looser.

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