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Have It Your Way With The Caffeine King

Just a tiny little tweak worth noting. For the rebranding of Burger King's coffee, now dubbed BK Joe (available in decaf, regular and turbo), Crispin Porter + Bogusky performed a bit of plastic surgery on the King himself for their latest spot.* See if you can detect the difference. In other BK news, if you have a hankerin' for going commercial this Halloween, you're in lipid-laden luck. Now you can purchase your very own Burger King or Subservient Chicken mask (garters not included) by going here. Imagine an army of undersized Burger Kings and oversized fowl attacking your neighborhood on that very special night ... (shiver)... Someone call Wes Craven, cuz this is the stuff of nightmares. *superadgrunts only

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Just caught this ad about half an hour ago, and did notice that he looked more...awake. The closing imagery of the King trying to push the guy off the high steel is frigging classic.

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He's also got a coffee-and-milk colored tan, no? :)

claymore's picture

The King's in the forest on the left, and out in the open on the right - different lighting situations. Plus, he's always been kind of swarthy (check out his Halloween mask).

So, I think, it's either a lighting trick or slightly different settings between the two videos. If you compare his ruffly-fluff collar thingie between the two pictures, you'll see that the coffee King's is more yellow-creamy and the original is more white. Now look at the faces - similar differences.

But then again, with CP+B, anything is possible - they might have made him more multi-culti after all.

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