ASPCA - Hovercat / Dan Harris - (2012) :60 (USA)


ASPCA - Hovercat / Dan Harris - (2012) :60 (USA)

Nightline's Dan Harris has adopted a cat. A bright red cat that can hover. He is like dubstep kitteh but even better! And all this hovering about in the house explains the mess on the formerly neatly made bed, now I finally know what my cat was up to all those years. You too can get a neverending supply of viral video fun in your own home, regardless of how fast or slow your internet connection may be. The ASPCA has a never ending supply of talented viral video stars just waiting for you. Adopt a viral video pet today.

I'm gonna pop down and see if they might have any hoovering kittens because that fur-problem would take care of itself.

Client: ASPCA
In association with: ABCNews


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