BK Burger King - Camel - (2010) :30


BK Burger King - Camel - (2010) :30

This time the Arabian guys on hamburger dates with American girls trick the girls into believing that "The richer you are, the more humps you have on your camel". Hey ladies, did you hear that the word gullible is no longer in the dictionary?

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Ad Agency: Tonic Communications, Dubai, UAE
Creative Directors: Vincent Raffray, Khaled Gadallah
Post: Chimney Pot Dubai
Art Director: Peter Walker
Copywriter: Vincent Raffray
Production House: Zoe Beruit
Director: Chadi Younes



It is so true. I love them. Best stuff I have seen out of the Middle East in a long time.

So often when I tell people back home I live in Dubai I get this kind of stereotypical questions.

Loving it.

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