The Body Shop - Mother’s Day for HM "The Queen" - (2015) 1:11 (UK)

Really lovely creative work coming out of UK agency Mr President, with their Royal take on Mother's Day in this short 'home video' styled film. Of course, it's not the first time our Royal Family have been appropriated by lookalikes for the noble purposes of advertising - one will of course draw parallels to the T Mobile Royal Wedding from back in 2011. There are obvious differences though - the T-Mobile piece was funny because it showed the Royals acting out of character; dancing, whooping and shaking their asses like drunken Essex girls at a Colchester wedding. This gets its humour from a different and more intimate angle, as we watch the Royals act in character, bumbling, burning toast and crap-wrapping their presents. These silly emotive flourishes are what makes the film so naturalistic to watch and yes... rather touching too.

Laura Jordan Bambach, Creative Partner at Mr. President:

We set out with The Body Shop to embrace the spirit of Mother’s Day. Of celebrating the thoughtful, little things that make all mums feel like queens. And then we asked ourselves, how does the most queenly Queen celebrate that morning? Probably the same way. Those same little touches still mean a lot. Through our collaboration with Alison Jackson we’ve brought to life a most special morning, for a most special mum.

Sam Thompson, UK Marketing & Values Director at The Body Shop:

We’re delighted to have partnered with Mr. President on this exciting campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day at The Body Shop. We wanted to celebrate the English irreverence of the brand and there was no better partner to bring this to life than one of the best up-and-coming creative agencies around along with the fabulous director, Alison Jackson. We believe that every mum should be treated like a Queen this Mother’s Day – with her majesty being no exception! We hope all our customers, and indeed the Royal family themselves, have as much fun viewing the content as we had making it.

Client: Sam Thomson – Marketing Director at The Body Shop UK
Director: Alison Jackson
Production: Mindseye
Sound: Factory Sounds
Tom Bird - Creative at Mr. President
Thea Hamrén - Creative Director at Mr. President
Naomi Dunne and Anna-Lucy Terry - Social Strategy at Mr. President
Tom Trevelyan - Account Director at Mr. President
Steph Mylam - Producer at Mr. President

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