Sometimes life is weird. Take 72 year old Ken Delmar. He was an aspiring artist, busy applying brush to canvas. But whenever he'd clean up his brushes he'd notice the colors looked better on the old Quicker Picker Upper, Bounty.

Ken started painting on Bounty paper towels instead. One thing led to another. And then luck and happenstance and a big corporation blessed him with the opportunity to make his dreams come true, thanks to Bounty.

Bounty arranged for Ken to have his own show to display his celebrity portraits on paper towels. He managed to sell two of the paintings. How fun! Apparently he's been getting some inquiries about his work from as far away as Asia.

I agree with one of the youtube comments that read "wish they would have showed more of his work." No kidding. I mean the work is painted on your brand.

I love the fact that Bounty is now associated with a neo-nihilist-deconstructionist who views pop culture as a temporary thing to be celebrated before being discarded.

Oh, don't tell me I'm the only one who thought that. Hell I should start writing critiques of the guy. He'll impress those blue bloods on the Upper East Side, and those Soho fakers yet.

Client: Bounty

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