California Walnuts - Recess for the Mind - Recess Princess ft. Wallie - (China)

Here's an interesting way to change consumer behaviour from China. California walnuts brand hand picked popular youtube starlets and assembled a one hit wonder group - the girl band known as the "Recess Princess". Their hit song is all about walnuts, and how eating nuts increases brain power, thus making you better at studies and judging by the animated hearts and blushing, more attractive to cute girls. Now, it isn't the first time a pop song has been launched in order to sell product or change behaviour (everyone remembers Dumb Ways To Die), and it's not the first time K-pop style dancing girl group has been used to get attention, remember BClassic Classical comeback? It is however, quite possibly the silliest song I've heard, with lyrics like: "Brain cells, brain cells, jumpstarting quickly. California Walnuts, California Walnuts, everybody come go nuts with me. Get ready for higher test scores, now crack a smile and take your test confidently." The refrain "kakakakakaka (etc)" is deceptively sticky, please be prepared with another song to play right after you've watched this.

Song: Recess for the Mind
Artist: Recess Princess ft. Wallie
Label: CWC Records International

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