Cartier - Winter Tale - L'Odyssée de Cartier (2012) 3:30 (International)


Cartier - Winter Tale - L'Odyssée de Cartier (2012) 3:30 (International)

Like the previous L'Odyssée de Cartier this is one long CGI-created expensive wank, starring a couple of large kittens. Is that an ocelot? As in the really expensive fur?. No, they're leopard kittens and it seems one of them is climbing around the christmas tree while picking up a scent of something as he never closes his mouth. It's probably the smell of rich and tacky. Oh look, there's a tail on the word "Winter Tale" at the end. Can we eat the rich now? Please? With cranberries on top?

Cartier Director: Bruno Aveillan



Expensive indeed. Just use the real trained ones!

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