"Crush The Speed" (2013) 1:30 (Russia)

Russian insurance company Alfa Strakhovanie has its work cut out for it. To raise awareness that a lot (and I mean a lot ) of accidents happen resulting in fatalities, agency Hungry Boys cam up with Crush The Speed. This road safety campaign uses cars previously involved in fatal road accidents as markers. Using Google Maps, the public can decide where these deadly warning signs are positioned round the city. I guess by donating their old beat up cars, or picking where the worst offending intersections are.

I guess it's more disruptive than a wreath of flowers, but man, if this takes off, Moscow's going to start looking post apocalyptic.

Client: Alfa Strakhovanie
Agency: Hungry Boys
Creative director: Vlad Sitnikov
Creator: Arthur Miroshnichenko
Motion design: Max Malakhov
Producer: Victor Kozlov
Designer: Ilya Shakirov
Programmer: Anton Perepelitsyn

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