There's a bit of a disconnect here, since the dude's in his skivvies the entire time so why would he only be cool when she turns on the fan but I also forgot what I was saying.

Israel, y'all are a bunch of pervs.

Executive Creative Director: Tal Riven
Creative Director: Idan Regev
Copywriter: Kobi Cohen, Uri Shoham
Art director: Karin Gross
Client manager: Anat Leventon
Supervisor: Michal Itzhaki
Account manager: Sapir Sadras
Planning manager: Nir Duer
Planner: Sagi Iskovich
Producer manager: Meital Tzoref
Producer: Racheli Zatlawi
Production Company: Mulla Productions
Post Production Company: Snowball Productions
Director: Ohav Flantz

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