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Fattal Hotels "Big Game commercial" (2015) :30 (Israel)

To get in on the Super Bowl action, Fattal Hotels are broadcasting their own spot! In North Pratte, Nebraska. Why? Because Israeli's no absolutely nothing about football. but they do know something about hospitality. And smart media buys. Hey, it worked for Old Milwaukee and Will Ferrell. So why not, right? Silly spot but still fun. And with all of these brands capitalizing on the Super Bowl without running an actual Super Bowl spot, it's kind of a wonder people run Super Bowl spots any more. Seriously, why pay three million for thirty seconds when there's this?

Client: Fattal Hotels
Agency: YEHOSHUA\TBWA, Tel-Aviv, Israel
VP Creative: Maya Kerman
VP Media: Nevo Carmi
Media: Naomi Gabison
Copywriters: Avihai Nizri, Alon Hadad, Tal Schweiger
Art Directors: Ofer Hajayov, Miki Hakim, Noam Laist

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