FIAT® 500L - Italian Invasion / Revolution - (2013) :30 (USA)

Paul Revere calls out that the Italians are coming and the village of Boston instantly turns into a night-club-crazy type town with short dresses, bobbed hair and.....

Oh dear.. we spent 30 seconds working our way up to a pun-line. "This is going to start a revolution". Really? Really??

See also the 60 second edit that only airs prime time.

Italian Invasion - FIAT® 500L
Client: Fiat USA
Principal talent:
Annalaina Marks - Plays Brunette in Blue
Bryce Pinkham - Plays Paul Revere
Christina Gottschalk - Plays Blonde Who Cuts Hair
Prod: Supply & Demand
Director: Paul Goldman
Music : Children of the Revolution - T.Rex

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Not so long ago, Chevy's tagline American Revolution. Guess the Italians weren't aware. This is one hot mess of a spot.

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I will admit, I watched this commercial like 5 times and I didn't get the message or the "theme" if you will. But yeah, I think it's kind of lame. There is also another commercial for the same car, and it's even worse. will send you the youtube link once I have it.