Finnish National Lottery - Girls just want to have fun - (2012) 1:21 (Finland)

What do the ladies fo if they win the lottery? Shopping of course, but wait some detors are to be had sending them from New York to Rio, to Tokyo and then Thailand where they somehow rope the hungover boys into pushing their car out of the water.

Agency: TBWA Helsinki
Client: Finnish National Lottery

Creative Director Tommy Mäkinen
Art Director: Elisa Konttinen, Hermanni Kanerva, Tuukka Tujula
Copywriter: Jenny Lundqvist

Production company: Directors Guild Finland
Director: Vesa Manninen
DP: Tuomo Virtanen
Executive Producer: Ville Varesvuo
Producer: Juha-Matti Nieminen
Music and Sound: El Camino Helsinki
Post: James Post Helsinki

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