FirstBank "Free isn't always a good thing." (2014) :30 (USA)

Free isn't always a good thing, especially when it's a freaky ventriloquist dummy that is demon possessed and turn you into the puppet who does its nefarious bidding. At least I'm assuming that will happen once the guy gets it home.

I love the premise of the spot, but I wish the woman were casted differently or at least delivered the line differently. When the man asks her "What's wrong with it," and she answered "Nothing," I wanted to hear a bit more hidden pain and fear in her voice.

Either way considering this is a spot for a bank, it's still a mile ahead of the other work in its category.

Client: FirstBank
First Bank - Bargain Dummy
Agency: TDA
AD: Austin O'Connor
ECD: Jonathan Schoenberg
CW: Dan Colburn
CD: Jeremy Seibold
Agency Prod.: Susan Fisher
Prod. Co.: MJZ, Los Angeles
Dirs.: The Perlorian Brothers
D.P.: Marten Tedin
Exec Prod.: Scott Howard
Line Prod.: Brady Vant Hull
Editorial/Post: Cosmo Street Editorial, Santa Monica
Editor: Katz
Asst. Editor: John Bradley
Prod.: Jamie Perritt
Color Correct: Company 3, Los Angeles
Telecine Operator: Mike Pethel
Mix/Sound Design: Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Engineer: Zac Fisher

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