Ford - Dog Show - (2011) :60 (France)

In Cannes when discussing this, the similarities to "Cog*" came up. It's not a Cog-copy though, more a Guinness tipping point in that case. Still these circus-dogs are doing all these tricks just to stun you with how easy the car is to park. Dogs drive, who knew?

* to those who might have forgotten, the wrench in the Cog showed it was very similar to "Der Lauf Der Dinge"

Agency : Ogilvy & Mather Paris
Production : Zoo Films

Music Artist: The Bees - Song: "End of the Street"
Director: James Frost
Executive Creative Director : Chris Garbutt
Interactive Creative Director : Frederic Levron
Creative : Adam Kenedy
Creative : Brandon Rochon
Producer : antoine bagot
Account Director : Natalie Heckel

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RLDavies's picture

I'm actually most impressed by the Hot Wheels car making the loop-de-loop. I could never manage that with mine.

Slightly baffled trying to find a connection between the events in the ad and parking a car. Oh, these wacky ad men!

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My favorite red-pen, haven't sen you in a while. And yeah, getting them to do that loop is hard man. Many hours before I mastered it. ;)