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Gillette: Are we killing the kiss? (2013) 4:49 USA

Gillette creates a documentary in which stubble bearded guys find themselves in a "Kissing recession," and then asks "Are we killing the kiss?"

Dunno. But I have some other questions.

Are we killing the kiss? Or are we in a kissing recession? Which is it?

If we are in a kissing recession isn't it more accurate to say we're fast approaching a fiscal kissing cliff but still have time to avoid it?

When will directors and/or agencies come to the conclusion that no one, not even people in the advertising industry, not even people like me who are in the ad industry and also write about ads for a living, no one really wants to sit through something past the two minute mark? It is never as clever as you think.

How quickly does a documentary asking people questions about kissing lose steam?

On the other hand, if you have enough budget to create something this long, why not shift some funds to, oh, I don't know, better acting, and some music other than generic needle drop found under the "happy whistling" category?

How creepy is it when the scientists are watching the couple make out? (It's at the three and a half minute mark, if you actually made it that far.)

Why are the "scientists" in this documentary all clean-shaven and yet none of them are being kissed?

How come the interviewer only asks girls about what they think when it came to kissing? Or guys about why girls aren't kissing them?
Does Gillette not like the gay community?

Why does the interviewer seem like she's on Klonopin?

Why does everyone in this documentary seem like they are medicated in some way or another?

If beards are so bad, how come bearded people are still shacking up with chicks and practicing makin' babies?

If Gillette is such a great razor, why can't they come up with a compelling reason to use their brand of razor?

What would The Most Interesting Man think about your attempts to shave him into submission, Samson-style?

Do clients ever read youtube comments to gauge the reactions to the work? like this gem from user name John Titor.

Wow a video with Woody Allen aka Dr. William Cane and some fake blonde, big toothed chick talking about something she wishes people would do with her... If my life was worthless, after watching this, it would now be complete. Good bye cruel world...

Does anybody remember when we made ads by starting with great ideas first, rather than starting with the media and some lame title? ("Let's do a documentary called Are we killing the kiss," is not an idea.)

If the video has more than 800,000 hits at the time of writing, what does this say about humanity?


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