Kemira "Board Experience" (2014) 1:15 (Finland)

Paper making begins at a molecular level. And this high-tech video from Helsinki-based 358 proves it in Blade Runner fashion. To make the kind of cardboard customers want, chemicals influence molecules. An entire process takes place. It's pretty cool. There's even an interactive experience if you really want to geek out.

Agency: 358
Copywriter: Jonathan Mander
Creative Director / AD: Antero Jokinen
Graphic Designer: Isa Jokela-Gomes
Graphic Designer: HP Savolainen
Producer: Elina Freden
Client Team Director: Tess Cedercreutz

FLC Helsinki
Producer: Jenni Lundström
Post production specialist: Asko Roine
Photographers: ​FLC Helsinki, ​Oskari Hellman and ​Helsinki Aalto University, Electron Microscopy Unit, ​Mervi Lindman

Developer: Niko Viitala
Creative Director: Tommi Heinonen
Development Manager: Kimmo Rostedt
Client Manager: Eelis Sormunen

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