Never before did I ever expect to associate a poignant moment with KFC, nor did I ever expect to see a KFC ad without the requisite bite and smile. But this spot had just blown my preconceived notions to bits. Because it features a seriously poignant story about divorced parents sharing custody of their all too perceptive kid.

As much as I admire this spot for showcasing a moment between a broken family still trying to keep the separated father involved in his kid's life, this spot is depressing as shit. Did they shoot this on the darkest day of the year?

KFC: Where tortured reality meets a brave face.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Jhb City & country: Johannesburg, South Africa Agency producer: Tessa Weakley Creative director: Mike Martin Copywriter: Jordan Tryon, Thule Ngcese Art director: John Nankin Production co: Egg Films City & country: Cape Town, South Africa Director: Kim Geldenhuys Director of photography: Alard de Smidt Production co producer: Cindy Rodkin Executive producer: Kerry Hosford Post production co: Kwazi Mojo Media and Black Ginger Editor: Upstairs Post Music: Joe Purdy – “Good Days”
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