KLM & Heineken - The Orange Experience 2015 (2015) 3:00 (The Netherlands)

You remember last year when KLM and Heineken surprised ten New Yorkers with a great trip to Amsterdam to celebrate "Kingsday"? Well, they've done it again - this time they found people in Oslo, Cape Town, Shanghai, Rio De Janeiro and Los Angeles. First these people had to show that they were indeed worthy of the invitation, they had to prove themselves by singing ‘Oranje Boven’, a Dutch folk song, in a packed bar for example. But soon they were off - and this time when they reached Amsterdam, a chariot by way of a boat awaited them, and on it was DJ Hardwell, the number one DJ in the world. A party of epic proportions unfolded, and I'm pretty sure there's now legends around campfires being told about this day all around the world.

The one thing I truly miss about living in Amsterdam is this day. It's really really fun.

Client: KLM & Heineken

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