Lexus "Heartbeat Car" (2015) 1:50 (Australia)

In 2013, Toyota Camry had an event where they built a roller coaster and took unsuspecting amusement park goers on a thrill ride with stunt drivers to prove they were an exciting car. Then Nissan basically copied that execution a year later, taking unsuspecting passengers on a thrill ride with professional drivers to prove how exciting they are.

Now Lexus is setting out to prove that they too are exhilarating and fun to drive. Lexus Heart Racing (geddit, narf narf) took a Lexus RCF and painted it with biometric paintwork that displayed the driver's heartbeat on the car. And then they took the car on a thrill ride-a race track-with professional stunt drivers. Only this time, without the passengers. And that's where it falls apart.

While it's cool to make the cars glow all Tron-like based on your heartbeat, without regular people in the car, we don't get real reactions. So it's not convincing me that regular drivers will ever feel like that because regular drivers don't drive on race tracks at stunt driving speeds, do they? At least it looks cool.

At this point I think it's time for cars to stop trying to convince us they are fun to drive. Or at least pick a different execution for that idea.

Client: Lexus Australia

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