Ideo - Living Climate Change – (2009) :30 (USA)

Sister companies Bonfire and Phoenix Editorial recently collaborated with global innovation and design firm IDEO on a welcome video for the Living Climate Change website:, an initiative developed by IDEO. In the short, directed by IDEO design director and associate partner Roshi Givechi, company CEO Tim Brown asks what role design can play in the challenges we face with climate change.

Client: IDEO
Launch Date: Sept. 29, 2009
Client Director and IDEO Design Director: Roshi Givechi

Design, Animation, Visual Effects: Bonfire
Creative Director: Matt Silverman
Associate Creative Director: Phil Spitler

Executive Producer: Lisa Hinman
Rotoscope Artist: Marco Salsiccia
2D Animator: Jason Coursey
Illustrator: Coco Tardiff
3D Animator: Bobby Van Dyke
3D Animator: Adam Oestergaard

Editorial Company: Phoenix Editorial
Post Producer: Zara Finlay
Editor: Jim Farber
Sound Designer: Jim Farber

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