This ad shows the joy of exploring, the bold discovering, the adventure of cooking in such an epic fashion that I had to go bake a batch of cookies after watching it. True story.

Lovely isn't it? Such a simple insight, and such a simple product - butter, in all the ways you can make it - but such a necessity to making food that it forms the basis for all nightly adventures. So arm up, aspiring chefs, foodies, family feeders and ladies armed with your grandmother's cookie recipe-book, load that butter into your shopping trolley. Get that Lurpak home. Make sure you come prepared to the nightly pantry exploring. Who knows, maybe you'll discover butter poached lobster or a new twist on chicken Kiev in your culinary adventures.

This reminds me of the joy for cooking expressed in the Arla Swedish butter ad "create something magical". Butter really is magic.

Client : Lurpak / Arla Foods Agency : Wieden+Kennedy Creative Director : Ray Shaughnessy & Sam Heath Executive Creative Director : Tony Davidson & Kim Papworth Creative Director: Dan Norris CREATIVE TEAM: Freddie Powell & Hollie Walker Group Account Director : Helen Foulder Account Director : Katja Dienel Agency Executive Producer : Danielle Stewart Account manager : Angharad Thomas Production Company Blink Productions Director Dougal Wilson Executive Producer Ewen Brown Director of Photography Stephen King Roach Editorial Company Final Cut Editor Joe Guest VFX Company The Moving Picture Company VFX Supervisor Tom Harding Flame Artist Tom Harding VFX Producer Marianna Bruynseels Titles/Graphics Chris Gray â Wieden + Kennedy London Shoot Supervisor Bill McNamara MUSIC + SOUND DESIGN Music+Sound Company Wave Studios Composer Richard Strauss Sound Designer Aaron Reynolds