Meat and Livestock Association "BBQ" (2015) 1:40 (Australia)

Normally we don't regurgitate press releases but since I'm unfamiliar with Australia, especially cricket, I will be cribbing from it.

For the first time in living memory, legendary Australian cricketer and commentator Richie Benaud won’t be commentating at the cricket this Australia Day, which falls on 26th January.
Instead, Australian agency The Monkeys asked Benaud throw the greatest barbecue of all "time," for Meat & Livestock Association. IN the spot you watch as Benaud rings up Australians from different time periods. Including: Captain Cook, doomed explorers Burke and Wills, Ned Kelly, iconic cricketer Don Bradman, modern day media giant Ita Buttrose and media personality Sam Kekovich.

Greatest barbecue of "all time." Heh. Funny stuff, and it looks like they had a great budget, too.

It reminds of that joke from Steven Wright about seeing a sign in a diner that read "breakfast served any time," and then asking for french toast during the renaissance.

Previous Australia Day outings with Lambassador Sam Kekovich in the archive: the 2006 rant, the 2007 Un-Australian food, the 2009 'Being John Malkovich' bizarre moment and the Barbie Girl duet with Melissa Tkautz, and last years 'won't someone think of the children' Generation Lamb.

Agency: The Monkeys
Executive Creative Director/Writer: Scott Nowell
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Senior Planner: Michael Hogg
Head of Production - Thea Carone
Senior Producer: Jade Rodriguez
Senior Content Manager: Katie Wong-Hee
Production company: Photoplay
Director: Tom Noakes
Producer: Belinda Dean
DOP: James Brown
Post House: FSM
Editor: Stuart Morley
Composer: Damian De Boos-Smith
Sound House: Nylon Studios

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